Rethink Your Mindset

Introducing the Clear Path Coaching rethink your Mindset Program. 

This course is for anyone out there who is looking to take the first steps  in building a stronger mindset. 

Just over 5 years ago now, I was on the brink of self-destruction.   

My actions overwhelmed me as I  spiralled into a state of emotional darkness. 

I had created a victim mindset and was the victim of circumstance. 

The biggest problem?   

I knew deep down that i needed to change. But for whatever reason, I just couldn’t do it.   

I could see how my actions were effecting not only the relationship with myself, but also the people around me, yet no matter how many times I thought about bravely taking that first step to a better life, and a better me, I would put off doing anything about it.   

Procrastination truly is the enemy of progress. 

This cycle of destructive behaviour, of  wanting to change, but then not  acting on it, all piled up inside of me,  fuelling my self-hatred and low self-esteem. Something needed to change before it was too late.   

After learning that my poor mental  health was influencing my bad decisions, I eventually took that all-important first step, and today I’ve  managed to find the kind of peace I  was searching for all those years ago.   

How did I do this?   

By following a specific framework  that allowed me to become more self aware. That helped me build more of a growth mindset which gave me a goal, and that keeps me pushing forward, even when life gets tough.   

Through Clear Path Coaching, I am delighted to be able to share this framework with you in the hopes that this will help you in the same way that  it helped me.   

If your life is suffering like mine was  then I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t  have to. 

Change can happen but it all starts  with taking that first step. 

Unsure if this program is for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you let the opinions of others stop you from making positive changes?

Do you feel trapped in a negative cycle of behaviour?

Have you thought hard about wanting to change but don’t know where to start?

Do you lack the courage to speak up on negative behaviours in your social circle?

Do you exercise negative self-talk and speak unkindly to yourself?

Do you lack discipline in maintaining positive habits?

Do you compare your life to other people’s and feel demoralised?

Are your relationships or career suffering?

There’s no shame if the answer is “yes”. Let this moment be the one that you look back on with pride in years to come.