Rethink Your Drink 4 Week Program

12th February 2023 – 5th March 2023

This program is for anyone out there who wants to challenge and explore their relationship with alcohol. 

If you use alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with your stress, anxiety or any other mental health concerns, if it’s become a destructive behaviour pattern, then you simply won’t have the mental capacity or energy to change your mindset and develop emotionally. 

Your mental health will not improve!

During the four week period you will be invited into a private Facebook group. In that group I will be going ‘live’ every Sunday evening from 7pm to share some very effective tools and life hacks for changing your relationship with alcohol, staying sober and staying focused on your intentions . 

We will explore, together, your relationship with alcohol and more importantly yourself. 

It’s a framework that will give you a much higher success rate of building a life you don’t want to constantly try to escape from and ultimately change your relationship with alcohol. 

We will look at your mindset, discipline, accountability, resilience and lots more during these live sessions. 

You will also have access the extra support these private groups will provide during the 4 week period. 

The group will be limited to 20 individuals and the cost for the four weeks is £99 (early bird tickets) before 1st February.
After that date it will be £120. 

Once you have purchased the program you will receive a link for the private group. Obviously you must have a Facebook account or have access to one.