Welcome to Clear Path Coaching, I’m Ross. The people closest to me describe me as an adventurous, empathetic, slightly bonkers, and energetic character. But the reality is that even though I have a more positive and healthier relationship with myself now, this is still something I work on every single day. 

The journey to creating a healthy life is a continuous journey of personal development and intentional steps. No matter who you are or how long you’ve worked on this, you’ll get good days and bad days. And that’s okay. 

The most significant change you can make right now is to recognise destructive habits and behaviours and take the first step in improving your well-being, mindset and life. 

That’s what these programs are designed to do -offer a framework that can be referenced and practised until it becomes second nature. 


My one true goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to change how they view themselves and the world around them. 

When you’re tumbling through the rapids of life, I want to be the branch you reach for. 

Through my Clear Path Coaching Programs, I’ll help you to:

Develop a stronger, more positive mindset.

Become accountable and identify shortcomings.

Build resilience to difficult situations so that you can manage them calmly.

Develop and implement positive habits.

Strengthen the relationship with yourself and your loved ones. 

Improve your overall mental health. 

Stay consistent to prevent setbacks and demotivation.

The version of you that you fantasise about in those quiet moments is desperately trying to get out, but you have to look inwards and help bring it to the surface. 


Years of drug and alcohol abuse brought me to the brink of destruction. I won’t sugar-coat it. These incredibly damaging habits infiltrated my professional life and almost cost me the support and love of those I care about most, including myself. 

Although I recognised this and wanted to change, I would procrastinate on taking the necessary steps. Like so many of us do. 

After receiving professional certification, I co-founded the men’s mental health charity, Man Down. Through Man Down we offer an informal and safe space for peer-to-peer support, to help tackle the stigma associated with men’s mental health. Man Down is now home to 27 locations across Cornwall with over 2000 supporters. 

During these sessions, I’ve been exposed to hundreds of plights. From teenagers to older men, the struggles resonated with me deeply and I identified an opportunity to offer guidance and direction to my fellow man. 

This led me to start coaching the people through my Clear Path Coaching programs that I’m making accessible to you now.

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